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Trauma is everything that affects your ability to feel safe, that keeps you hypervigilant, everything that has changed the essence of your identity by making your protection your number one priority.

And when life is too exhausting and overwhelming, it is common to dissociate, disconnect or numb.

Trauma is not what happened, but how your life changed as a result of your experience.

You’re not your trauma!

What is

The Internal Family Systems model is a powerfully transformative and evidence-based model of psychotherapy. It has evolved over the past twenty-five years to become a global model for individuals, couples and families.


Within the frame of this method, a person can take on several different family roles when they are in an environment that they perceive as dangerous. This forms an “internal family system” and these sub-persons, or parties, act separately from the Self. Each individual has a distinct set of these parts, a Self endowed in an innate way with qualities such as trust, compassion, and acceptance without judgment. It is only when the parts become extreme that problems arise.


In the IFS, all your parts are welcome.

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What is

The polyvagal theory,resulting from the work of Dr. Stephen Porges and developed later in clinical practice by clinician Deb Dana, offers a neurobiological comprehension of attachment, trauma and stress.  This approach provides an understanding of the physiological reactions of the body and their influences on our emotions, thoughts, psychic challenges and our view about life.


Polyvagal Theory describes the unconscious process that makes it possible to detect at any time if we are safe or in danger and in case of danger to provide a response to try to escape from it.

This process of detecting danger or safety signals (neuroception) occurs at birth. It is based on our experience and more particularly on the experiences of danger and/or safety we have experienced with the people who took care of in the early years of our lives.

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What is


Trauma Informed Coaching happens when the coach has a practical understanding of trauma, understands the need for safety and confidence that he will put in place through clear contracts, maintaining boundaries and confidentiality.


We will focus on the present, and how you can take full advantage of it. I will be by your side to recognize and honour the person you have become today, while focusing on solutions and strengths that can bring you benefits for the future.


I will use tools such as: grounding, somatic techniques, empathic and immersive listening, change of perspectives, timeline and many others.


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Success stories

"I was looking for a therapist specializing in complex post-traumatic stress disorder and I found Cristiana Freon's contact details on the internet. From the first contact, which was made by telephone, Cristiana Freon was professional, human, attentive and available.


I really and greatly enjoyed discovering and practicing the RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) method. It is for me a magnificent discovery. I now have a personalized and lasting hypnosis session, which I can use for life. I also found the coaching sessions (included in the program) very helpful. Cristiana Freon thus gave me the tools that allow me to face independently the daily challenges that are mine, knowing that I could request a direct exchange if necessary.


I felt supported, guided, accompanied by this therapist, who showed me complementary and adapted lines of work. I appreciated her support all the more because she was open, accessible and received my questions and remarks with gentleness and kindness. I keep her contact details very carefully and I highly recommend her." Anna-Louise

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